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What makes a good knife?

Sharpness: Most important is how well its blade will take and hold an edge.

Durability: A good knife will stand up to generations of daily use without undue wear or deterioration.

Hygiene: Materials and construction details of the handle should minimise crevices that offer hospitality to bacteria.

Storing knives

When not in use, store your knives in a purpose made case, wallet, box, knife block or on a magnetic rack. If you have to carry your knives from one area to another, first put them back in their case. Do not keep knives in a drawer, where they will knock together and get damaged edges.

Sharpening Knives

  • A blunt knife is a dangerous knife.
  • One should frequently use a sharpening steel to keep an edge on knives.
  • If a knife starts to fall, watch your feet and step aside; but let it fall.
  • Keep your mind on your work when holding a knife.
  • Never put a knife in water or under vegetables where it cannot be seen.
  • Cut away from the body.
  • Do not palm vegetables or fruit and then attempt to cut.
  • Do not use knives as can or jar openers.
  • The best edge will quickly dull if it strikes metal, glass or Formica.
  • Blades should never be heated in a flame or oven. Elevated temperatures will destroy the temper of the steel.
  • Fine knives should be carefully stored in their own rack or in a partitioned drawer.
  • Dipping the knives in hot water makes it easier to cut cake or ice cream.
  • A stainless steel knife will hold an edge longer.

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